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Safe Communities Madison-Dane County

Working Together to Stop Dane County's Drug Poisoning Epidemic


The trend is alarming: poisoning is now Dane County's number one cause of injury death – surpassing motor vehicle crashes – and drug poisoning is the cause in 85% of cases. Deaths caused by misuse and abuse of prescription opioids almost tripled in the 10 years from 2000-2010. Injuries and deaths occur when drugs are abused, used inappropriately, stored in unsecure places or sold illegally. The effects are tragic and far-reaching.

The City of Madison and Dane County have joined forces to reverse this deadly trend, with Safe Communities leading what has become a broad collaborative effort. Our focus is to reduce access and use/misuse; emphasize prevention and early intervention; and enhance and expand treatment options. We coordinate and share resources among health care and law enforcement professionals; struggling families, individuals and concerned citizens; and our many important partner organizations.


News & Updates

We are proud to partner with Dane County, SSM Health & the Wisconsing Medical Society Foundation in launching a new program to help those struggling with opiate addiction in Dane County.

Click here for the latest updates about:
-Stop the Drug Overdose Epidemic
-Recognition and Media Coverage
-Parent Addiction Network
-Educator Prevention Network 
-Patient Education
-Harm Reduction: Saving Lives When An Overdose Happens

Importance of Calling 911 at an Overdose

- When calling 911, an ambulance comes to the site to help
- Narcan/Naloxone will help someone start breathing again, but it wears off and more
  might be needed from the ambulance
- Ambulance can also provide other life-saving help
- If you call, you are protected by a WI law Learn more >>. You can also visit our Don't Run Call 911 page.