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Safe Communities Madison-Dane County

Working Together to Stop Dane County's Drug Poisoning Epidemic

The trend is alarming: poisoning is now Dane County's number one cause of injury death – surpassing motor vehicle crashes – and drug poisoning is the cause in 85% of cases. Deaths caused by misuse and abuse of prescription opioids almost tripled in the 10 years from 2000-2010. Injuries and deaths occur when drugs are abused, used inappropriately, stored in unsecure places or sold illegally. The effects are tragic and far-reaching.

The City of Madison and Dane County have joined forces to reverse this deadly trend, with Safe Communities leading what has become a broad collaborative effort. Our focus is to reduce access and use/misuse; emphasize prevention and early intervention; and enhance and expand treatment options. We coordinate and share resources among health care and law enforcement professionals; struggling families, individuals and concerned citizens; and our many important partner organizations.


News & Updates

Strategies to End the Prescription Drug Overdose Epidemic: November 17 - November 21, 2014

In November, Safe Communities Madison-Dane County welcomed Dr. Donald Teater, Medical Advisor to National Safety Council's Prescription Drug Overdose Initiatives, to Madison. Dr. Teater has three decades of medical experience to the Council's advocacy initiatives of reducing the epidemic levels of deaths and injuries associated with prescription drug misuse and abuse.

If you missed his informative discussion at WMC, click here for the video. 
To read WMC's article, click here

Importance of Calling 911 at an Overdose

- When calling 911, an ambulance comes to the site to help
- Narcan/Naloxone will help someone start breathing again, but it wears off and more might be needed from the ambulance
- mbulance can also provide other life-saving help
- If you call, you are protected by a WI law
Learn more >>. You can also visit our Don't Run Call 911 page.